Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's a....

Sadie's has an announcement to make...

It's a Girl!

We definitely see a lot of tea parties and princess dolls in Daddy's future! And Mommy's excited that the mountains of pink clothes that we have will get more use!

The little one, Margaret Rosella or Maggie Rose for short, is already measuring at 19 weeks and 4 days in most of the measurement (and I'm not even 18 weeks yet!) so we've started to wonder if this is going to be another Super-Sized baby!

While we were at the ultrasound yesterday Sadie spent the day at the local park/aquarium and after only a handful of trips this spring she already knows her way around and takes off at a sprint to get to her favorite exhibits.

A school group was there yesterday also and the five year old boys were all pretty grossed out by the giant sturgeon in the fish tank. Sadie, however, went around while they were talking about how gross the fish were, and gave the fish kisses through the glass (they would come right up to her and she looks tiny next to them!).

And then we found some matching sister dresses in the right size on sale at Costco! I love Costco!

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