Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tractor Days...

Sadie has become a champion napper! She went to sleep yesterday for Nani and when we went up for naptime today it only took five minutes before she was out cold!

She had a very exciting morning today. A government agency is doing some environmental restoration to the river that we live on. So BLM has been out here a lot checking things out (they had an archeologist come out and make sure there were no artifacts, although there was some joking around that he wasn’t looking very hard) and today they brought out an excavator and a backhoe and dug some giant 18 ft deep holes. Then they put pipes in and covered the holes back up. For the next two years they’ll be monitoring the holes and the water level to see how low the water table is. These things definitely don’t move very quickly.

We had been waiting for the tractors all week. The BLM guy would come out each night and say that they would be there the next day and then the next night would come back and say that things had gone slowly and that they would probably be there tomorrow. Sadie was getting a little impatient! Two mornings ago she woke up at 6am and was ready to go out and look for tractors.

They finally arrived today! This week has been gorgeous. It was blue sky and short sleeve weather. When we peeked out heads outside to see the tractors it started to pour. But we certainly weren’t going to let something like a little rain stop us , so armed with umbrella’s and Sadie’s super stroller we headed out and spent a good hour watching the excavator and the backhoe work. And of course there were some tears when we headed back in!

And here’s a picture of Sadie’s new tractor ride. Grumpa created it for her and it was a huge hit. She thinks she needs at least one tractor ride a day. When it gets a little warmer it just might happen!

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