Monday, February 1, 2010

Sewing Project #1: The Pink and White Daisy Dress

I finally did it. I studied the pattern carefully. I read the instructions three times. I carefully cut out the pattern and material and... I've started sewing!

Here's how the progress has gone so far:
Day 1: Cut out the pattern... very,very carefully. My kindergarten teacher could tell you that "small motor skills" were never one of my strong suites. I was always hurrying to get outside and play.
Day 2: Cut out the material in the shape of the pattern. This took even longer than cutting out the pattern, but at least they actually look alright!
Day 3: I started sewing. I almost finished the top half of the dress before being called away by a coloring book melt down.
Day 4: (Today): Hoping I'll have time to work on my project a little today, but with a very fussy, teething baby, all bets are off.
I came to the conclusion that it was silly to be so afraid to even start a sewing project. After all, what's the worst that could happen? And it's much quicker than knitting a dress (and if I have the ability to knit a dress I should be coordinated enough to sew one too! At least theoretically...)

I decided to go with a size 4T for our not so dainty 19 month old... and apparently I should have measured her proportions first (it's tough to do though because she never holds still!).

I'm far enough along that I can now see that this was a major mistake. The top half of the dress is coming along beautifully... and it may fit her for a few more weeks! I squeezed her into it yesterday... yikes! Her shoulders barely fit through the top opening!

But at least I'm learning to sew! And I think it's coming along very well (apart from barely fitting!)! Hopefully I'll have pictures soon!


  1. One tip for you from a sewing friend (although I don't do many patterns myself)

    Save yourself some time next time. Cut the pattern out only roughly, meaning just cut out the pattern in a rectangle or shape around the piece you need.

    Then, pin that to the fabric, and cut both the pattern and the fabric at the same time. Just pin inside the lines of the pattern, and it will all stay together, and you only need to cut it once!

    I hope that made sense to you..

  2. Congratulations for starting your project! It is always hard to start a sewing project, but so rewarding. Don't worry if it does not fit on Sadie, you can keep it for your next daughter (#2 perhaps?).

  3. Don't forget to be best friends with the iron! It will make your dress look a long way towards professional as opposed to home made.

    As for sizing a toddler, velcro can also be a good friend for you plus it rips off easily.

    I made my 5 year old niece a pretty lace up dress so she could still fit into it today. Look into dressmaking with costuming. You may get some good tips on how to cheat in dressmaking.

    Love your blog... Good luck with the sewing

  4. Well done for starting! And Maria is right, there will surely be another girl in your household at some point :0)


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