Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We Have Internet Service Again!

The joys of satellite internet! Apparently someone's computer downloaded a program yesterday (we think it was a security update) and it put us over the Hughes.net "fair access policy," which limits us to a whooping hundred and something megabytes a day (the actual number seems to shift and is hard to pin down) so our satellite connection pretty much ceased to work for twenty four hours. After the initial whose-computer-was-it finger pointing died down we all prepared to wait out the internet freeze.

On the up side it motivated me to work on one of my novels last night, rather than coming up with internet related excuses not to write (i.e. "let's see what's going on in the Catholic News tonight at 8:09 pm... I'm sure there's some big story that wasn't posted this afternoon at nap time...").

I've also been working on our taxes. I don't know why the idea of doing taxes causes me so much stress each year... once I get started it's never that painful or difficult. It's just a matter of actually sitting down and starting. And when I weigh projects taxes never come out very high on the list. When I have limited (hands free) time I have to decide between knitting, crocheting, needle point or sewing (if I can steal away to the sewing machine that is) and taxes just don't seem to win out over the other options. I try not to ask myself which is more important: finishing Sadie's cute little merino wool easter sweater or finishing our taxes, because the sweater would be bound to lose and that's just not the choice I want to make.

But I did buckle down and finish (almost) everything yesterday. I think tomorrow they will be done and my procrastination can end for another year.... and then I can spend an entire month coming up with reasons not to take a few hours to do something that never ends up being that bad!

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  1. The day after I e-filed our taxes I received one more W-2 in the mail. Yikes! I had completely forgot I filled in during Xmas '08. Check arrived Jan'09. Company didn't send W-2 until Feb 1. Now I have the pleasure of filing an amended return.

    On the bright side, we qualify for free file. Take advantage of it if you can. Just go to IRS.gov and click on free file.

    Sadie looks so cute. Hope your headaches have gone away & everything is going well for you.

    Did you go to see Sarah in Redding? I thought it odd how the Record gave such a large splash to the handful of protesters. haha.

    Take care & God bless.


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