Monday, February 1, 2010

Bishop of the Week: Bishop Peter Sartain of Joliet, Illinois

I couldn't wait until Friday to feature another Bishop of the Week. Bishop Sartain of Joliet is another shining example of a Bishop who is speaking up for life!
WASHINGTON, DC, January 28, 2010 ( - Speaking with after the Vigil for Life Mass in the National Basilica of the Immaculate Conception last week, Joliet Bishop Peter Sartain insisted that there is no wiggle room when it comes to being Catholic and holding pro-life values.

Bishop Sartain said he was proud that over 225 youth from his diocese had come to the D.C. March for Life. “They’re a great group from Joliet,” he said. “We’re teaching them the meaning of being truly pro-life.”

Asked about the example Nancy Pelosi gives of being in favor of abortion while calling herself Catholic, Bishop Sartain replied, “Any Catholic who is going to understand our faith and live by the faith seriously must be pro-life.”

The Joliet Bishop explained, “It’s at the very core of our understanding of living a moral life because all life comes from God. It’s a message that we have a responsibility to continue to get out.”

He concluded, “To be Catholic means to be pro-life.”
Read the entire article here.

Picture of Bishop Sartain from the Joliet Diocese Website.

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  1. Everyone, that I know, in our diocese loves Bishop Sartain! He is an unwaivering testament to our faith. We get to meet him in two weeks! Thank you for this post!


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