Monday, February 8, 2010

This Little Prayer of Mine: A New Family Favorite

A new book has become an important part of our bedtime routine. Anthony DeStefano’s, “This Little Prayer of Mine” is rapidly becoming a family favorite.

It begins:
I know you're up in heaven, God,
and can hear my voice from there.
I'm just a little child.
Will you answer my short prayer?

When I was pregnant with Sadie I realized how difficult it could be to find good books for small children that can help their faith grow and flourish. Once Sadie was born she turned her nose up at most of the books I’d found, accepting only a select few that quickly became part of the routine. It’s been something of a challenge to find books that she accepts as part of that routine.

When I began reading This Little Prayer of Mine (while Sadie ran laps around the downstairs, after all, it was the middle of the day…) I instantly fell in love with the lyrical verses and the beautiful pictures that seemed to be a perfect fit for any family who is beginning to teach a young (or not so young) child about prayer. The book quickly went from hand to hand as each person in my family (Nani and Daddy and finally Grumpa) admired it.

The test however, would be Sadie. What would the nineteen month old think?

I was a little nervous about the bedtime introduction. Sadie is very focused on her schedule at bedtime, but since bedtime is followed by family prayer time, I thought it would be the perfect time to try out reading it.

The reading was a success. Sadie now sits on Daddy’s lap each night as I read to her, her eyes focused on the pages as the prayer unfolds. It’s a wonderful addition to our nightly prayers and I have a feeling that it’s going to be for years to come.

And that is the highest recommendation I can give a book: It is both Sadie and Mommy approved!

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  1. Hi there! It seems like we have something in common since my 19 month old boy also loves this book... and I was unsure of how he would react! He can say "Jesus" now and he also likes to me to read "Baby's First Bible" published by Reader's Digest Children's Books. Here is my own review of "This Little Prayer of Mine."


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