Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Everything in it's Proper Place (and Time)!

Sadie is very "into" order these days. In fact some might say she goes a little overboard (from what I've read I think it's a toddler thing). Any detour from our regular routine can cause one of two reactions: a) excited giggling or b) hysterical crying.

Last week Nani and Grumpa bought a new rug for the dining room. We began with reaction a) but then quickly transitioned into reaction b) and spent the rest of the night letting everyone know that she didn't think the change was a good idea. The next morning she had another change of heart and took her tractors and trucks over to play on the "flowers" on the rug (I also found her crawling from flower to flower kissing them).
Then there was the hiccup in our bedtime routine. Daddy usually comes in and says our nighttime prayers with us before bedtime. However when Daddy went down to school Nani came in to tell us goodnight. Since it wasn't quite bedtime yet Nani and Mommy started to talk about Sadie's Day and that was most definitely not part of the bedtime routine.

Sadie had already started her nighttime feeding and we were sitting in the rocker, but as Mommy and Nani talked Sadie held up her little hand like she was signaling for us to "stop." When Nani said, "do you think she's trying to get us to stop talking?" Sadie started to wave bye-bye. And then, as we tried not to laugh she started putting her hand up to the side of her mouth and "blowing kisses" to Nani to say goodnight. We finally decided that it was time to get back on schedule (before Sadie's good natured attempts to communicate ended in tears) and Nani said goodnight.

And now it's time for bed! I almost stayed up until 9:30! That's a new second pregnancy record for me!

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