Sunday, February 14, 2010

More Genius Remarks in the Comments Box..."Kill Babies or they Might Cost You...."

This morning I found this bit of compassion tossed into the combox:
Mackenzie said...

I just figure the amount of tax money going to abortions will be a lot less than the amount that would go to welfare to pay for the kids if they gave birth to them.
Where to begin? I have to admit that the first thought that popped into my head when I read this was "taking evil to a whole new level..." but the sad truth is, it's not a "new level." There are far too many people in this world infected with the strain of moral relativism that tells us there is no good and no evil, that everything is just shades of grey, and apparently in Mackenzie's world, slaughtering an unborn child is a lesser evil than risking (gasp) someday having the child depend on the government.

Having grown up in low income small towns I can match faces to the abstract idea of "kids on welfare" and know amazing adults that worked hard, got scholarships and now work to help others. Perhaps it's because they know what it's like to be down and out, to have the contempt of people like you, Mackenzie, who honestly believe that they are better off dead than given a chance at life.

Valuing money above human life is very, very sad.

I also think its odd that a person can be passionate enough to have a blog about saving the environment, but can so easily disregard unborn human life.

Every life is sacred. Every child deserves the chance to be born, rather than being murdered, ripped limb from limb in his or her mother's womb, which should be the safest of places. Or do you honestly believe that any child deserves this?

You may also want to think about the fact that those children who you're a big fan of aborting, would most likely grow up to be the tax payers who will be paying into the system for your medi-care and social security in fifty or so years. But then again, maybe you don't think life has value after a certain point? I mean if you don't believe that life have value at the beginning than how can it somehow acquire worth and have value at the end?

Taking this logic to the next level I imagine Mackenzie is a big fan of euthanasia? I mean if you want to kill children because they might cost the government money at some point, than you'd probably want to toss in those old, retired folks as well who are no longer "productive members of society."

Once life loses its value and you started placing money and things over people, things go down hill fast. You may even become delusional and start to think that the world out there actually cares about what's inside your fridge.


  1. Or you know.. perhaps we could teach the world about abstinence, it really isn't that hard. If more people could restrain themselves and save themselves for marriage we wouldn't need abortions. Hey, and that's a big money saver isn't it! No need for contraceptives (which are horrible for the environment, the pill with it's estrogen that enters water, and condoms which pollute the earth in landfills) or abortions which kill humans and cost us money.

    Let's think logically here shall we?

  2. That breaks my heart. I often had to be on welfare growing up because my mother was raising me by herself. My own child benefits from our state's wonderful child health care system, as the $300 it would cost for her to be on my husband's work insurance would make it difficult to buy necessities every month. I would much rather pay for the health care and feeding of innocent children than to pay for abortions for morally loose women who view killing a child as a substitute for abstinence.

  3. First, to address Allison's point: married couples find themselves with unwanted/unplanned pregnancies also, at times that might not necesarily be the most convenient for them. Also-not all married couples feel the desire or calling to raise biological children, or have the health to do so.

    Secondly--people *love* to demonize 'welfare queens'. I wish to goodness that this attitude would STOP. It's dehumanizing and comes from racist attitudes to boot. A world that makes women feel like they *have* to kill their children is not a loving world. Welfare and WIC programs make up a small, TINY percentage of government spending. What kind of heartless, selfish person would begrudge an innocent child and their family a couple hundred dollars a month to make sure that child doesn't go to bed hungry?

  4. Catherine - I'm not familiar with your blog, or you, so I'm just going off of my own faith beliefs. Of course I know that some married couples feel that they have an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy. I'm not naive.

    But, I'm Catholic, and I follow all of the Church's beliefs. As such, I see no child born to a married couple should be unwanted. Unplanned? Perhaps, but I believe God does not give us what we cannot handle. So while a child may be unplanned by the married couple, God certainly planned for that child to be on this earth.

    The Catholic Church also teaches that all married couples should be open to children. I know that not all couples can have children, due to infertility or health issues.

    It is a sad belief of many of our fellow humans who see children as an inconvenience. They don't see them as a blessing. If more people viewed children as a blessing rather than a curse I think that there wouldn't be a need for abortions (whether it be for single persons or married).

    This is how I see it. I know that not all people will agree with it, and not all people are Catholic. But I came to the Catholic faith after soul searching, and so I do not take the Church's teachings lightly.

  5. Allison-I'm a pro-life feminist with no particular religious leanings (other than a short stint in Wicca many years ago).

    I've read Humanae Vitae, primarily out of curiousity and because I wanted to understand *why* the Catholic Church was opposed to contraception. I think it's a beautiful explanation, but not one I personally ever felt I could commit to.

    I can understand why some people view a pregnancy as inconvenient-but what I find tragic is that they don't realize that their inconvenience could be another couple's blessing!


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