Thursday, February 25, 2010

Doctor's Visit #4- 20 weeks along- part 1

We're getting ready to head into the city for doctor's appointment #4 today! It'll be great to hear what she has to say about our giant baby and the sonogram. I wonder when they'll schedule the birth (hospital has a no- VBAC policy in case you're wondering)? I expect everything to be absolutely normal! Maggie Rose has been kicking up a storm and even kicks at anything that touched my stomach these days. She kicks at Sadie a lot when she nurses!

I'll give an update tonight on how everything went!


  1. Ooh--sounds like THIS baby is going to be feisty! :-) Well, the best thing about scheduled c-sections is you get to pick which feast day your child is born on! We picked the Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels for our second, and wow--he's going to need their protection. He's into EVERYTHING.

  2. It's amazing how quickly babies grow.Looking forward to hearing how little Maggie is doing.

  3. Hi Everyone! It went great!

    The hospital has a no-VBAC policy because they don't want to pay to have a full time anastheseologist on the floor (I just can't spell long words this morning) and I guess a lot of insurance companies will only insure a hospital for VBACs if they have one full time on maternity.

    It's kind of irritating, because my doctor thinks there's a 50/50 chance that I could deliver naturally. The policy really has nothing to do with what's best for women, and the doctor's I've talked to don't like it, but pretty much everyone knows there's nothing they can do about it. Unless I come into the hospital after the baby's already crowning. And I'm just not that brave!

  4. From what I understand, too, hospitals are just trying to avoid a lawsuit. If your uterus ruptures while you're pushing because you've previously had a c-section, the hospital could get sued apparently, and they just do everything they can to avoid the lawsuit. While I'm not keen on having c-sections every single time, either, I just want my uterus to remain whole and for the baby to be healthy, so I agree to do it.

  5. Yeah the thing that worries me the most though is that long term it would probably be less risky to try a VBAC after one section, then to have section after section after section. I'm already worrying about finding a doctor who will take me if God keeps blessing us with little ones. I understand that they don't want lawsuits, but kind of feel like it pushes the risk up in the other direction, because after a few c-section the risk gets higher just being pregnant. It's all so frustrating. I think I get especially frustrated because I know that they're going to be telling me before too long that we shouldn't have anymore and it's all going to be because of the policy at a "Catholic" hospital (which I'll most likely be ignoring).

    On the other hand I always hear about women like Rose Kennedy who had lots of c-sections and was fine! If I could go on and on like that I'd be totally okay with it!

    I'm just worried I won't be able to find a doctor who will take me after a few c-sections because of the liability. Either way it seems like it's trouble because of all the lawsuits. Especially in sue-happy california!


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