Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Letter from Fr. Pavone's Blog

Trying to follow all the claims that have been made about the CCHD and the USCCB has made my head hurt. But to be fair, since I've posted quite a few concerns from the Reform CCHD Now, I thought I'd post this as well (read the entire thing here):
Is John Carr Pro-Life?

Dear Friends,

I received some inquiries recently regarding John Carr, who serves as the Executive Director of the Department of Justice, Peace and Human Development at the United States Catholic Bishops’ Conference. The inquiries, stemming from controversies over the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and the Center for Community Change, essentially asked if John is pro-life and committed to the goal of securing protection for the lives of unborn children.

Because I am in a position to answer that question, and because of the fact that hurting people’s reputations never serves our cause, let me state for the record that the answer to that question is “Yes.”

I have had many opportunities to talk to and listen to John over the years, in public and in private, to read his articles, and to discuss our common goal of seeing social justice and peace applied to our neighbors in the womb. His record is clear, and unlike some others, when he talks about justice and peace and human development, he does not fail to include the unborn.

I share with you below his own comments, as well as those of Richard Doerflinger, the Associate Director of the Secretariat for Pro-life Activities of the US Bishops’ Conference. As we work together to resolve the problems that do exist in our Church and in our culture, let’s do so with great caution to preserve the good reputation to which all of our colleagues have a right.

Fr. Frank Pavone
It is a relief to read something from a respected priest that actually answers questions instead of just saying "this is ridiculous" repeatedly.

I won't be donating to the CCHD in the near future (those concerns about where the money has gone are still very much there as my "Bishop of the Week" post pointed out), but then again, I probably wouldn't have anyhow. We belong to a small parish in a community with an unemployment rate that hovers around 20%. Any penny that passes through my hands will be going to the first collection of the day so that the our little parish can pay its bills and help the large numbers of poor right here outside our own doors. It is very much needed.

And I know without a doubt that a single cent won't go to an organization that will use it to end an unborn life.


  1. Right, the videos had nothing to do with John Carr, twas to point out the CCHD errors :)

    CCHD is still not getting any of my money for the time being

  2. I wish I could see the videos. We have satellite internet and with the limit on downloads I have had to rely on just reading the articles. It's driving me crazy!

    He did seem to be beside the point in what I read though... I am very bothered by the people who've acted like even asking questions about where the money goes amounts to some sort of treason against the Church.

    It's so obvious that mistakes have been made. I just wish I could feel more confident that the people involved were truly committed to making sure that it isn't happening now and doesn't happen again!


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