Friday, February 26, 2010

Doctor's Visit #4- 20 weeks along- part 2

I was so exhausted last night that I tucked Sadie into bed at around 7:30 and I didn't even pick up my computer and attempt to write a quick follow up post about my appointment. I'm pretty sure I was sound asleep by 8pm (about three hail Mary's short of my daily goal... although waking up twice with Sadie gave me the chance to finish.)

I dropped Sadie and Nani off at a museum/aquarium and went to the doctor's appointment. It was an hour an a half until the park closed and since my doctor's usually right on schedule I was sure I'd have plenty of time to spare.

Begin the waiting period: I only waited for about ten minutes in the waiting room. I've been hard at work on my latest project and was wrapping wire rosaries in the waiting room when they called me back. After the preliminaries (yay! My blood pressure was almost normal yesterday!) the nurse left and it was back to waiting. And waiting. And waiting.

After twenty minutes of waiting I remembered that I'd promised to give up reading gossip magazines and put down the article about the Jonas brother's wedding last month (I was really bored). Then I tried to remember the specific wording of my resolution because I think it was to stop buying those magazines, and "accidently" glancing at one in the waiting room wasn't exactly "buying" one. And does People magazine really count as a "gossip" magazine?

It probably does.

At least it was totally unintentional.

So I put down the magazine and moved across the room to the hard backed chair to work on my second wire rosary of the day (I'm getting pretty quick at making them!). Staring at the clock I realized half an hour was up. And then forty five minutes passed. And then an entire hour. In a few minutes the park was going to close, leaving Sadie and Nani out front waiting for me without a cell phone (Grumpa had theirs)! Finally the doctor entered the room.

She felt the bump and said "everything looks perfect!" and got ready to walk out.

I eyed her skeptically. You see, she kept telling me everything was "perfect" with Sadie and when I'd ask her if she thought she was a tad big she'd say she's "perfect" and yet the first think she said when she lifted Sadie up into the world was "I knew that she was huge!" so I'm trying to get slightly more specific answers this time around. I mean, I'm okay with big, I kind of expect it since Paul is almost a foot taller than me, and really I know there's nothing that I can do, but I guess I'm just the kind of person who would like to have an idea if the baby I'm carrying around is particularly gigantic! And since this baby is already measuring 2 weeks bigger than it's due date, I'm particularly curious (Sadie was only measuring 2 days bigger at this point).

Here's pretty much my entire appointment as I remember it:

Me: "See I was just wondering if you thought this baby was a little on the big side too, because at the ultrasound it kept saying that the baby was at least a week bigger than her due date and so I was wondering..."

The Doc: "We haven't changed your due date."

Me: "Oh I knew that, I was just wondering if you think that she's big?"

She gives a generic "perfect size" response. I decide that since she's paused long enough for me to ask a question I should go on and get the most out of my two minutes.

Me: "I was also wondering when we'd set a date for the section. I figured not yet, but everyone keeps asking me when we'll know by."

The Doc: "We won't do that for a few more months. But the c-section will probably be scheduled about a week before your due date. And we're going with July 11th for your due date? So how does the 4th of July sound? Wouldn't that be neat, to have fireworks for your baby's birthday every year?"

Me: "I didn't think you'd want to be working on the fourth?"

The Doc: "Well it depends on the day of the week.... and whether or not the hospital will let me schedule one for a holiday. They might not. But we'll probably end up doing it between the fourth and the eleventh."

Me: "And I guess it doesn't matter if the baby's all that big this time?"

The Doc: "No, it doesn't matter nearly as much."

The other answer I get when I ask if she thinks the baby is going to get big is that "you're husband is very tall." I guess that is as close to a "probably" as I'm going to get.

As soon as I was out of the room I raced over to get Nani and Sadie (Grumpa had met us at the park and had ended up waiting so they had a warm car to sit in and I was only seven minutes late) and we started the hour and a half ride home. It was a lot of sitting! And we discovered that Sadie would only stop crying if we put Sarah Bareilles' "Love Song" on repeat. The second the song switched the water works would start. It was a long ninety minutes.

I do wonder if we'll end up with an earlier date simply because I was at 3 cm a month before my due date and 4 cm a week before and I would think that might make them nervous since I'm not supposed to go into labor this time around... We'll have to wait and see though!


  1. Wow, it certainly seems like that doctor isn't too worried about how you feel!

    Any July birthday is good! I know lots of people with July birthdays :)

    I know you live far away from the hospital, and need the c-section, I'm curious that if you ever moved would you want to do a VBAC? From what I understand normal birth is easier on the body when you want to have multiple children?

    I'll admit I'm a tad scared for when Steve and I have children (God willing!) He was a 10 lb baby! Ahhhhh! And all of his nephews and nieces so far have been in the 9 lb range.

  2. haha. Good luck trying to get a doctor to commit to an opinion in the day & age of litigation. I even find doing tree work that I will hedge..."do you think that branch is safe?"... well, it's hard to say, never know what the weather will do, depends on how much risk you are willing to live with...

  3. I thought that my baby would be huge because it showed him being about a week or two ahead in size. In the end it didn't matter. He was born about five days past his due date (he was induced) and he weighed 8 lbs. 4 oz so he didn't end up that big. But my husband's actually kind of on the small size for a man. He's about 5'9'' tall and I'm 5'4''.


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