Monday, February 22, 2010

Daily Dose of Cuteness: Country Fun with Toddlers and Tractors

This last October we went to a festival at a local winery. They had hooked up a trailer to the back of a tractor and gave the kids a ride through the grape vines to a pumpkin patch they had set up. Sadie loved it! The ride also inspired Grumpa, who decided that Sadie needed her own tractor ride at home. Here's the result as Sadie sees it:

What is Grumpa up to? And why is my stroller in the back of the old trailer that Grumpa hooked up to his tractor? This looks like it could be good... but will Nani and Mommy go along with it?

This just keeps getting better and better!

Rolling along...

Heading up the road to see Nini and Gigi!

And down to see the river and the ducks!

Through the puddle...

Life is good! In fact it gets even better when I'm in the driver's seat!

Got my hat, got my gloves, ready to go to work!

Grumpa, how do you wear these things?!?!

This may very well be the best day ever!

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