Saturday, February 27, 2010

In the Garden?!?!

The baby monster is watching Side the Science Kid. She spent the day yesterday trying to convince Grumpa that she had hidden the remote control down in the garden. She almost got him to believe it (he would have if he hadn’t known that she’d been inside all day long and hadn’t had a chance to take it outside).

It all started when the remote disappeared and Grumpa asked Sadie where it was. She ran straight to the side door and pointed out at the garden. When he asked her again five minutes later she did the same thing. Every time she was asked in the living room she’d run to the door with a huge smile and point out.

The remote control was later found underneath her toy lion.

Sadie is remaining silent on how the remote got under her toy lion, but would likely blame one of the cats if she were talking.

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  1. Sadie is quite a trickster! She is a very smart little toddler. Her and Maggie are going to have a lot of fun times together.


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