Friday, February 5, 2010

It's a....


We made the drive into the city today for the ultrasound and after barely surviving drinking 32 ounces of water (I definitely did not have to do that last time!) we found out that we are expecting princess #2!

We're so excited and I'm ready to start going through those boxes of hardly worn pink outfits... between hand me downs and gifts, Sadie hardly wore outfits twice and I'm glad that we'll be getting a little more wear out of all those boxes of pink clothes (even some of the hand me downs still had tags on them so apparently we're not the only ones who had this "problem"!).

The little one is also measuring over a week bigger than we expected (not really surprised after delivering the last giant baby).

And now for the big unveil!!! Baby #2's name is:

Margaret Rosella (or "Maggie Rose")- We chose Margaret because she's one of my favorite saints and it's a family name (on both sides) and the middle name is the name of our baby's future godmother, a marine captain who is going to make the cross country trip (we're so excited that she's stationed in the US again and that she's going to be able to make it out for the baptism!) this summer!

It looks like Paul will have to save his favorite boy's name Patrick Xavier, for a little while longer!

I see a lot of tea parties and dolls in his future!


  1. Yay! Will you be posting ultrasound photos?

  2. Congratulations!!!!!!
    We have an old saying in Greece which says that "a good mother to many children should make sure that her first one is a girl"! I suppose that when you get two in a row you're bound to have a very successful mother-career!! God bless and keep you
    p.s. The name is lovely, i think it's got a "jane-austen" air in it :)


  3. Yay a girl!!! Sweet little girly hugs and kisses, and hairbows, and pink cheeks. I love the name you two picked out. Maggie is so cute, and it will transition beautifully when she's older.

  4. Congratulations! And I absolutely love the name - Margaret and Rose are two of my favorites!

  5. Congratulations Cam and Paul! I had a feeling you were having another girl. Maggie Rose is the cutest name. I bet she and Sadie will be firm friends, as thick as thieves!

    You need to change your profile. Still says you are a 'mom of one so far' :0)

  6. I agree with Athena, I am so glad I started off with a girl first. Girls are so helpful and so much fun. Plus we just understand each other so well...I think you will be a very successful mother with two little princesses to help you out.

    Tea parties, dolls, cute dresses, the fun just keeps going with girls around the house. I had two adoptive foster girls and it was so much fun to have them together. They were about the same difference in age as Sadie and Maggie. It is nice to have them that close in age, they enjoy playing with each other all the more.
    I love the name especially Rosella - perfect for a girl who might be living in Italy at some point in the future ;).


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