Wednesday, March 28, 2012


On another note the last three links I've tried to post from this blog to facebook have all been blocked (I can paste them in as long as I don't actually attach the link, if the link is attached they let me know my site is banned).  When I just sent in a complaint they finally allowed me to use the little form but said that the site had been reported for being "abusive."

Um... okay...  this makes having a facebook blog page slightly more difficult... since every link I post comes up as forbidden.  I mean, it's not like anyone is forced to subscribe to this blog on facebook.

I'm trying really hard not to roll my eyes a dozen times while writing this post.

I can think of quite a few things I see on facebook that feel way more "abusive" than any thing I put on this blog based solely on language and content.

On the other hand my immediate thought was: "banned from facebook... hmmm...  I think this might mean I've 'made it' as a blogger!"

Or maybe their just starting to crank up the censorship in time for the upcoming campaigns and elections!


  1. I got the same thing when I tried to post a link to your car trouble/sale post.
    You know you're on the right track when you've shaken folks up, so I wouldn't change a thing!=)

  2. If anything, it's probably from the recent article with the other snood marketeer. Facebook's been cracking down on cyberbullying and the bots probably saw your response as "abusive material".

    If it makes you feel any better, mine throws exactly the same error!

  3. I thought about that Zach, but my response was pretty mild. I basically said I was hurt and upset and thought others should know what she thought of Catholicism. Now I wouldn't be surprised if someone over there reported it and they just automatically blocked it.

    Hopefully if they see my response and actually look at it they'll lift it! We'll see!

  4. Weird! Perhaps it has more to do with the fact that you directed people to her account via your blog than with the actual content of your facebook comment. It was pretty clear that a number of people came directly from here (including myself). Not saying it was a bad thing (lol) just considering what might have been the catalyst for the block.

  5. That definitely could be! I definitely recognized a few faces over there!

  6. I cannot imagine what you could have posted that would get you blocked. I mean, some of the stuff I have read on facebook was far far worse than ANYTHING you have written here. Even when you are disagreeing with someone you are so civil I end up admiring your style greatly and that certainly cannot be said about many people.

    I had one fundamentalist suggest that I ought to be burned at the stake for being Catholic. I blocked that person and her spouse which at least means I no longer have to listen to their constant slurs and slanders against Catholicism. They actually BELIEVE all that debunked garbage that is said about the Church even in the face of references to modern scholars.

    You are in good company. Most of my favorite blogs to read get hated.

  7. Ann, WOW - you should be burned at the stake for being Catholic? So much for Christian love... do you have a blog? I think I would enjoy reading it!


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