Thursday, March 8, 2012


While we were visiting Nani and Grumpa up in Orlando, Paul and I decided to steal away for an evening after the girls had gone to bed, to go out to dinner.  It was a special treat to go out, just the two of us.  I put Mae Bae down in our room in her crib, while Sadie was still up with Nani.  Mae usually goes to sleep by herself, so I didn't think there would be a problem.  

An hour later I got a picture text message from Nani.  It showed Sadie and Mae, passed out on a bed.

The story I heard a short while later, had me smiling.  

Mae Bae decided, sometime after we left, that it wasn't bedtime.  She climbed out of the hotel crib and started banging on the door to our bedroom (which connected through a living room to my parents' room).  When Nani opened the door Mae Bae was on the other side crying.  

She took Mae Bae into her room and Sadie saw her and said:  "Mae Bae are you sad because Mommy and Daddy went out to dinner?"  She then proceeded to hold Mae Bae's hand while Mae laid down, and sang a lullaby to her (Sadie sang:  "It's okay, it's okay, Nani's here, Nani's here, It's okay, It's okay, Nani's here..." to her sister).  

Sadie actually fell asleep before Mae and then it was Nani's job to keep Mae from poking Sadie to wake her up to play more.  But the disaster had been averted and both girls were fast asleep when I got home.  

I love how sweet they are together!


  1. That is such a sweet story! Sadie is a very good and loving big sister!

  2. So adorable. Susi does the same thing with her dolls.

  3. Hi Cam,

    If I recall, you were raised Protestant. Are your parents still Protestant, or have they converted too? I'm curious to know how they have taken your conversion and the level at which you practice the faith. How do they feel about the more unorthodox, obvious practices you've adopted (only skirts, headcovering, homeschooling, rosary making, etc.)

    My husband is also a convert, and his parents are still Methodists. Methodists are pretty open-minded so they supported my husband's conversion, but I am not sure how they'd feel if I started wearing snoods and skirts and Easy Spirit loafers all the time.


  4. Hi KradleKatholic,

    They've been very supportive! They probably remember the days of mini skirts and sky high heels though before I converted, so this is a welcome change!


  5. I just had to add, that I think you might over estimate how differently I dress. :0) Most of the time I'm in knee length dresses and sandals (according to Wikipedia we live in a "tropical" climate) with a scarf in my hair.

  6. Cam your girls are so sweet. Especially Sadie who wants to love her little sister very much.

    As for your response to KradleKatholic's comment, I don't think you and I dress differently than most of the people I know. The main difference between you and I is that you veil more than I do. I think we are pretty normally dressed. We just put a bit more thought into not showing off too much to others.


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