Friday, March 30, 2012

The Little Pink Crib

There's a small pink plastic crib that found it's way into our house at some point over the last couple of years (I think it came with a My Little Pony or Baby Princess doll, or something like that) and yesterday it became the focus of Mae's entire world.  She was a toddler obsessed.  And she had big plans for it.

Now when I look back on Sadie's toddlerhood, her love of babies started pretty early.  She was younger than Mae is now when we found out we were expecting (she was 2 when Mae was born) and she loved hugging my baby bump and running over and kissing it.  So far, until yesterday, Mae Bae hadn't shown any sign that she noticed Sadie's non-stop talking about "a new baby."

It's pretty much impossible to miss Sadie's enthusiasm.  She pours over the pictures in my pregnancy books.  Paul has realized that by saying six short words, Sadie will set of a on rant about how what he's saying is simply not possible (and those words?  "What if the baby's a boy?").  "It's a sister."  She'll begin and then launch into a long winded speech about girls and sisters and how the baby is not a brother.

Beyond that, Sadie asks about 50 times a day (if that number is an exaggeration, it's not much of one!) how big the baby is.  The answer, "about the size of a blueberry" does not seem to satisfy her, since she then launches into:  "Is the baby ready to come out yet."

Yesterday, however, Mae walked over, carrying her little pink crib, and began to show an interest in Sadie's passion of baby watching.  I'd gotten the girls into their pajamas a little early and had finally laid down on the couch, realizing that it was still at least half an hour until bedtime and there was no way they'd be asleep anytime soon.  Usually the girls will race back and forth across the room for a solid half hour before bedtime.  Instead, Mae climbed up next to me with the crib, and placed it in my left hand.  Then she grabbed my shirt, pulled it up a bit and started tapping on my belly button.

I tried switching the crib to my other hand so I could steady her (since she was teetering on the edge of the couch). This led to outrage.  She grabbed the crib and put it back in my other hand and then went back to poking at my tummy.  She spent her time until bedtime repeating this, taking the crib away from me, looking at the baby bump, handing the crib back to me and poking my belly button.

I think she may be listening to her big sisters non-stop baby talk.  I wonder if I'll spend my day today carrying around that little pink crib...


  1. Your story about the little pink crib and your daughters antics over the baby started my day off with a smile. Thank you.

    Now to go change the Little Tiger's diaper before the angry screaching ruins my morning-- this 2 yr old woke up GRUMPY.

  2. Aww! A tiny crib--the perfect size for a blueberry-sized baby, lol!


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