Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Almost There! And a Full of Grace Creations Coupon!

Yay!  I'm very excited!  We're almost halfway to having a fixed car thanks to the wonderful boom in headcovering and headband orders yesterday and today (if you haven't got one yet and you want to take advantage of our 15% off coupon Car15 it's still working at the moment in my shop!)!

And now that Full of Grace Creations is back up and running after a small break while I focused on making more headcoverings, beginning to restock our chaplets, and getting slightly more sleep (that need to sleep in the first trimester gets me every time!), so I thought I'd extend the sale over there for anyone who's in the market for a rosary, chaplet or jewelry!  The coupon is also Car15 and will give you 15% off everything in my rosary store!

I do have a few new chaplets I should be adding in the next days (they're photographed and everything I just need to create new listings!) and I'm accepting custom orders!  And now for a few pictures of some of my favorite Full of Grace Creations items:

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