Friday, March 23, 2012

Sadie's Baby Fever

A little over a month ago, a bit before we knew we were expecting, Sadie looked at me and said something about our family having a baby.  We do have a baby, I agreed, Mae Bae is our baby.  Glancing over at Mae, Sadie shook her head before saying:  "Mae Bae is a very big baby" in a rather disapproving tone.

What the words, and tone implied were pretty clear.  Mae may be "the baby" in the house, as the littlest member, but Sadie recognized that her walking, babbling, opinionated sister doesn't have very much in common with the not so tiny pink baby we brought home from the hospital a little under two years ago.  Mae Bae now has an opinion about being held or kissed or staying in one spot when she doesn't want too and as often as not she's moving at a sprint from place to place.  

Sadie is now over the moon about the idea of a new baby.  When I sit down she brings toys and piles them on my lap while asking if the baby wants to play.  She asks if the baby is going to come out today.  She brings her maraca over and shakes it next to my belly button.  A few minutes ago she brought over a rice cake and asked if the baby was hungry.  And the almost constant question of:  "How big is the baby?" makes me glad that we have a book with tiny pictures that show an estimate of the baby's size during the first trimester.

At the moment she keeps putting her hand on my tummy while saying:  "Me and the baby are holding hands!"

Before we had the positive test, she even felt the need to clarify where God should send the baby (I think she believes he got mixed up last time):  "Dear God.  Please send us a new baby.  To FLORIDA!!!"

Perhaps the sweetest is her nightly prayer:  "Dear God, please make the new baby big and strong."  Last night she added:  "Just like Daddy!"

It's official.  Sadie has baby fever.


  1. I have always found that the one thing children desire most is another matter how many they already have. Sadie has it right!! It's adults who tend to lose sight of the GREAT gift another child is.!!
    Jen x

  2. That is so sweet! I like how she holds hands with the baby.
    My entire first trimester Jacob would pray that God would let Sprout stay a baby instead of turning him into an angel before we got to meet him.

    I have to agree with Jen. Hopefully, Sadie will never loose her love for babies. My sisters and I (older sister especially) felt like we didn't have enough cousins etc. to play with (by the time this came around we were too old to expect my mom to have more kids) so we decided together to "have babies at the same time" and to "have enough so that our kids had lots of siblings and cousins to play with." When I announced this most recent pregnancy at Christmas, one of the first things she exclaimed was "Oh they will only be 6 months apart! They will even be in the same grade!" Now we joke all the time about actually fulfilling our childhood pact.

  3. That's so precious. I agree with Jen, children almost never have issues with another sibling coming along, unless the parents makes it an issue. At least that's how it's been in my experience.

    All my brothers and sisters love babies so much that every time we get a new one, my mom has to beg them to go away and play somewhere else. But no baby has ever suffered from being loved too much :)

  4. Oh Sadie is such a sweetheart. I hope I get to meet her one day. Your heart must just melt at some of her tender interpretations and insights.

    I love the idea that God just sent the baby to the wrong place. Kids have such an amazing, innocent and wonderful way of seeing things. She is right in one sense though....she knows God didn't send the baby where she wanted it.... to your arms. So this time she is being very specific. Most women take years to learn that lesson.

  5. So sweet! Goodness, as a mom of 5 (including my sweet stepson and a TEENAGER!!) I am still in awe and just gobsmacked at how precious our little miracles are!!!


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