Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More Snoods!

Our park is closed.  I am trying not to feel like it's closed simply to annoy the people who live near it.  The sign first said that it was closed the week of the 12th.  We walked by, almost every day, to see if they'd started working yet and were rather distressed as the week of the 12th drew to a close and the park was still closed.  On the 20th a new sign was up.  They were beginning work on the 20th now.  It was going on 10am and no one was there yet.  I'm somewhat doubtful it will be open soon.

So today we walked to another park, roughly two miles away and now my legs are reminding me that I haven't walked quite as much as we usually do these past couple of weeks.  I'm really surprised I'm this sore right now (and we're going on another walk tomorrow!).

However I did manage to do another headcovering photo shoot today when we got home from the park.  I picked out a few more favorites and started taking pictures.  I love how the black and white one turned out, even though it's not necessarily a print that I would think of as "my style."  Here's the latest!


  1. They're all pretty!! But I'm a sucker for lace...I really like the green one.

    Do you have anything like it in black??

  2. I Looooooooove them :)


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