Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Month without Mass (as a family)

It's been something like a month since we've been to Mass as a family.  This is a first in the entire history of our family.  First the girls were sick, together and then passing whatever it was back and forth in shifts.  Paul took a turn being sick.  I felt a tickle in my throat, but thankfully never actually got sick (Mom's don't have time for that, so I'm very thankful for that!).  For the most part going in shifts has worked, with me taking Sadie when she's well, later in the day, and Paul going to a different Mass.  Mae Bae, until this week, has had a perpetual cold that I didn't want to share with anyone else (thankfully it's gone.  But she's still spending the morning home with me!).  I have to say this is something that I do appreciate about living in a more populated area: there are three large parishes with plenty of Mass times to pick from within a short distance of our home.

Today it's my turn to be the one spending the day on the couch, snuggled in a fleece red sox blanket, with a stuffed snake that Sadie insisted stay on the couch before she headed off to Mass with Daddy.  She was wearing a fluffy pink dress and sparkly sandals and seemed pretty excited.  When Paul left last week (she was the sick one last Sunday) she cried that she wanted to go to Mass with him, so I'm sure she's feeling extra special today.

Mae Bae is completely covered in yogurt in her high chair at the moment, and it looks like I may have to move off of the couch to take her in to take her first bath of the day (she feeds herself and while we try to mop up the damage with a towel, often times the food that makes it into her hair requires a bath).  She's actually pretty good with a fork and a spoon (she may actually be better than her older sister at it, because she's incredibly determined to feed herself with the fork and spoon, instead of her hands), but today it looks like the spoon must have made contact with her hair (and her shirt.  And her face).  Day to day I never know if she'll be spotless after eating something messy like yogurt, or if she'll be completely covered in it.

We'll have to wait and see how my attempts at resting will actually go.  I imagine it will quickly amount to me laying in the middle of the living room in a pile of blankets, while babies climb on me.

The yogurt is gone so I guess my morning rambling blog post is done.  Mae Bae let me know by holding the yogurt container over her head and shaking it, and then tossing it on the floor.  Now to clean up the yogurt covered baby.

I am missing seeing the pink... opps... I mean "rose" vestments.  Did you guys see them today?  

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  1. I went last night and not only were they pretty, but they had the most gorgeous small arrangement of white tinged, pink roses on either side of the altar set on a stand covered in rose colored sheet. It was much more pretty than it probably sounds ;).


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