Thursday, March 29, 2012

Making Room...

I've been brainstorming other fundraising ideas these past few days and have started listing things on facebook that I can survive without.  Yesterday my Sit and Stand Double Stroller went to a new home.  Today it looks like my bike will be headed out the door.  And there are three people interested in the bike trailer so it will likely follow suit soon too.  

Here are the three items that will be making our apartment feel quite a bit bigger as they head out the door:

My favorite Craigslist responses though, have been the ones that are mildly insulting.  I listed the bike and trailer separately, but added a note saying I'd be willing to knock $20 off the price of both for anyone who bought them together (since that would save me from having to remove the trailer hardware from the bike, which is one of the top things to do on my checklist this morning.  

After receiving a few dozen emails from people who love the bike and are willing to pay full price I got an email that said:  "I'm not really happy with the appearance of your bike.  But I guess I'll take it off your hands for you." They then proceeded to ask for  a discount with a grand total of $40 off (making the bike $10).  

Yeah.  I think I'll pass.  I wonder how often that strategy actually works.  

But I am excited at how quickly everything seems to be selling.  Now I just need to find my wrench so I can take the back wheel off and remove the trailer hitch...


  1. Hi Cam! Di you cloth diaper? We do and it saves us a huge chunk of change :)

  2. Hi Rochelle,

    We did when Mae Bae was little, when we had our own washer and dryer. Now that we live in an apartment that doesn't allow washers and dryers (even though there are hookups) we haven't. I dream of the days when we at least have a washer again (although I'm not sure how it would work here without a dryer since even things that are vaguely damp that I hang in the bathroom mold before they dry!).

  3. Bummer! Before my husband and I moved into our townhouse, we lived in a w/d less apartment too. I can tell you that luging dirty diapers from our apartment to the laundry mat was NO fun! Hopefully you will be able to start again with future children :)


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