Friday, October 11, 2013

Dentist Appointment Update and a Picture of...

We survived the dentist appointment with minimal problems... that is to say, they didn't do anything other than look in Mae's mouth for about three seconds and declare that they couldn't see any cavities and that we could come back in six months, but why not wait a year and maybe we can try again in a year with laughing gas?

 The most interesting part was that they did try to get x-rays and Mae loved the weight of the lead apron. She sat perfectly still under it (but couldn't get the opening her mouth to bite on the x-ray quite wide enough).

 I'm definitely planning on making a weighted vest and light weighted lap blanket after seeing her reaction to the lead apron!

Thank you to everyone who prayed for us today!  It was tough holding on to her while we were there (because she really wanted to explore that office), but we survived!  And it was much easier than I imagined (largely because they didn't even attempt a cleaning).

 In other news, today was the perfect day to go to the park. And can you guess which (non-human) cartoon character Sadie was pretending to be today (Hint: she's wearing teal with rainbow hair, so she's dressed the part)?


  1. Glad to hear her appointment went well. Maggie's reaction to the weighted vest reminds me of the story of Temple Grandin (I'm betting you've heard of her by now) making her "squeeze machine" to help her calm herself down when she was nervous. In case you haven't read about it, here's a link to the topic on her website.

  2. So glad it went well! My kids never seem to be able to get their mouths right for the x-ray either. It's hit or miss every time!

  3. Rainbow Dash!!!!!!!!

  4. Those weighted vests were things Vince enjoyed, too! :) He also liked the hand-brushing technique (if you've heard anything about that).

    Glad her trip went smoothly. No news is good news when it comes to cavaties! ;)

  5. About the weighted vest: One thing I used to like when I was a kid is a hot water bottle filled with water about 150 degrees. It had just the right weight and warmth when I was little. Maybe you could make a quilted cover in an animal shape of some kind, (like a sham cover) with a slot to put the hot water bottle inside and keep it from being too hot against her skin, and it would be something that comforts her too. It's just a nice thing to hug and has weight. God Bless. Bonnie

  6. I have enjoyed reading your blog. Not sure how I found it. God works in mysterious ways. I have heard that lead weighted blankets are great for kids on the spectrum when they go to bed too. Might help her stay in bed. God bless. Your family is lovely.


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