Thursday, October 10, 2013

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Autumn is here... and I have to say, autumn is such a perfect season in Michigan.

I love it:


Yesterday we snapped these during a visit to Daddy's work.


Oh today.  We had quite a day.  There was a call to poison control (Nightshade berries.  A sneaky three year old who found the one berry in the yard that I hadn't found.).  And then Patrick found a lovely plant and got covered himself in burrs.

Incidentally, he also had a bath and got a haircut when we went back inside:


Maggie was exhausted from her testing the other day.

Even super heroes need naps.  And sometimes they nap in the oddest places:

In other news... this was Sadie and I tonight.  She stayed up late with me after the babies went to bed and we watched My Little Ponies together and ate pizza to our heart's content (of course, still no cheese).  

This is what happens sometimes when the GAPS baby goes to bed.  Because... food...  I miss it.  

Sadie almost polished off an entire pizza by herself:

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