Monday, October 21, 2013

Why it's not a good idea to make Mae angry...

You know what happens when you write a post about how your kids never fight...  yeah... I totally set myself up for this.  But still.  I'm chuckling about it because I'm so impressed by what she actually did...

Let's say that you're a certain three year old and your big sister is just kind of annoying you today.  She keeps taking your binkie and laughing and trying to hug you and keeps trying to play with whatever you're playing with,and while on some days this is okay, today you're just not having it.  Especially the binkie-theft.  After all, there have to be limits.

Do you know what you might do?

You might go into the living room, while you're mom is working on lunch, with an orange crayon you've smuggled out of the crayon container.  You might find the photo book of your first year of life and open it up and scribble out every single picture of your sister's face in it.

And then you might be so disappointed when no one notices (because you replaced the book and crayon) that you take the book back out and bring it over and open it to a particularly scribbled on page and leave it next to your mom to see what she does (or as a confession of sorts?).

It's been quite the day.  But I've got to say, there's no denying she's smart.


  1. In our house we would call her a shnooker. Lucija just colored on the floor because I didn't read her mind to know she wanted paper

  2. Oh boy! She is a pistol alright!


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