Sunday, October 20, 2013

Week Ending: A Jellyfish, A Unicorn and a Dinosaur

We had a busy weekend!  It began when a box from California arrived at the house filled with Halloween and dance costumes from my childhood.  Suddenly we had a purple unicorn galloping around the living room:

And the child who really doesn't have any interest in costumes beyond boots?  Well.  Suddenly she was interested.  Very interested.  Hug-my-sister-four-times-while-figuring-out-how-to-rip-the-unicorn-costume-off-her interested.

She wore the unicorn hood for all of ten minutes and then realized that it was way better this way:

Patrick wasn't sure what al the fuss was about:

But he had fun playing outside with his sisters (although he stayed in the tower because he is definitely not a fan of mud):

Someone had to sit in timeout after incessantly pulling her sister's tail.  But her sister was sweet enough to come over and stand by her while she as in timeout.

On Saturday we went to the zoo. Mae was going to be a super hero but she loved the unicorn costume so much we let her wear that instead... for the record... that costume was my pride and joy when I was six when I wore it and won a costume contest...  It looks like capris when Sadie wears it and fits three year old Mae perfectly.

Sadie got her face painted for the first time.  She was a jellyfish.  And her skirt and hat were wired with flashing lights:

And the girls and I rode the train:

I'm not sure if you can tell, but Mae sat as far away as she possibly could from me and Sadie:

We paused for a picture in which none of the kids cracked a smile.  

Then went in the reptile house so they could visit the gold fish that are in with the turtles (okay, so it's more of a reptile, amphibian, bird, monkey house):

The Patch-o-saurus Rex was a little bit sleepy as we got in line for the hay ride:

We were the last one to squeeze up onto the trailer!  There was just enough room on the hay bales for us.

Then we made the mistake of driving through East Lansing... just as the State vs Purdue game was getting out...  However, during the hour that it took to go three miles I experimented with my cameras many settings and snapped pictures of the fall colors:

This morning the girls and I walked to Mass.  Mae loves sweaters with zippers and I was thrilled to find this one while we were out doing errands on Friday at a second hand store.  She even picked out the matching hat to wear with it:

And here she is when she paused while playing before we made the walk home.

It was quite the weekend.

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  1. Patrick REALLY looks like his dad in those pics, but I guess you already knew that! And what a perfect way to "redeem the time" while stuck in traffic - you live in a beautiful part of the country, for sure. BTW, you're fairly close to where Dwija [House Unseen] lives, aren't you?

  2. I think we're a little over an hour-ish from where she is! When we found out we were moving here I remember looking at her blog a lot to see what it was like here!

  3. I keep trying to post this comment on Facebook, but Facebook keeps saying, "error" and deleting it, so sorry if it randomly appears 10 times later today! Anyway, I was trying to say that even your pictures of Mae are better since starting her on the GAPS diet! She stops moving long enough that she isn't blurry and she makes eye contact in more pictures!

  4. Also, where do you get good used kids' clothing in Lansing? I haven't found any place good out this way yet...

  5. I go over to Okemos to a little second hand kids store over there. We still have to really look, because even second hand it isn't as affordable as it was other places (like in Naples! Oh my goodness I got the best deals there!) but it's definitely the best quality/price that I've found here. I can't remember the name of the place but it's just off of Grand River across the street from the Chicago Pizza place in the little shopping center there by the dollar store.

    And we totally have to get together again soon! I think we've finally all beaten the flu here!


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