Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Five Favorites: Library Edition

Weekly trips to the library have become a regular weekend activity around here.  Usually Sadie comes with me while Paul watched Maggie and Patrick, but this past week I went by myself in a rare solo outing.  And as I began to think of five of my favorite things of the moment, our huge pile of library books came to mind.  And so I went through and picked out our favorites of the moment (some have or will get checked out over and over again!) for today's Five Favorites post!

Books about Pluto...

On Saturday night I pulled the sturdy diaper bag I've been using as a library book bag, over to the couch and began to pull out books.  I was getting out the two ballet books that Sadie would be taking up to look at before bedtime (she usually falls asleep reading a ballet book on her own) when she saw what I had planned for a special school treat this week.  Squealing commenced.  I almost couldn't get Pluto: From Planet to Dwarf back from her to save for the next morning:   

Kid's Books about the Saints

I've also discovered the religion books in the children's section.  And a certain five year old has also been pouring over these (they definitely make the favorite list):

A Bit of History

In addition to our Little House on the Prairie (the Rose years) reading that we've been doing in the afternoons we've also been reading the Addy and Kaya stories that we check out from the library.  They always leave Sadie asking a ton of questions about what life was like in the past:

Mysteries for Mom...

Then there's my books. I'm on a mystery kick at the moment.  I read these while I'm getting Patrick to sleep.  I'm almost done with Murder on the Orient Express.  And I totally got Dying in the Wool for the cover (and title!):

What I've been learning about:

Lastly I'm reading this whenever I have a spare moment.  The writing is beautiful and the insight into the way the author looks at the world, especially his amazingly clear memories of when he's two and three, definitely puts this on the "must read" book list I've been making in my head these past few weeks (as opposed to some of the books on autism I've check out, read ten pages of and sent back to the library).

Although it also led to a conversation with Paul where I said that I do a lot of the things that he writes about doing, like tracing lines and making patterns on objects in my head constantly... but then again I did find myself thinking "does my brain just work differently than everyone else" every ten minutes or so when I was in college (slight exaggeration).  Honestly one of the most surprising things to me as I've begin learning and reading (especially online) about autism is the idea of "neurotypical."  I usually see it used to mean that most people think a certain way (obviously I'm very new to all this and still learning constantly), and I have to admit that I always felt like everybody thought rather differently than I did, but I also figured that they thought differently from one another so it wasn't a big deal in my mind.  So.... all of this has been pretty interesting...

But anyways, I'm still in the midst of reading it but I would definitely already recommend it:

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  1. I'll say it again, get the book _Aspergirls_. Another you might find excellent is _Pretending to be Normal_ by Liane Holliday Willey.

    They are eye opening, written from the perspective of a person with Aspergers, AND female. There are apparently gender differences in how the condition is experienced.

  2. I definitely want to read them! The big thing right now is cost and that they don't have them at our library. I'll have to see if the library can loan them...

  3. Cam check to see if your library does interlibrary loan. If they do I think they get a book from just about any library in the US.

  4. OH! Totally forgot to mention this to you until now.

    I got the latter book on your rec and guess what came in the mail today?



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