Friday, February 28, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday

Maggie has not yet met KittyFish.  She may have seen him streak past and clear the downstairs baby gate (not an easy feat) when she came downstairs yesterday morning.  He has a keen baby avoiding sense and spends all day happily upstairs and then strolls downstairs to play with Sadie until bedtime and then follows me around until it's time to begin mousing when night falls and the babies are safely tucked in bed.

He's such a cuddly friendly cat that I imagine sooner or later he'll warm up to our littlest family members (and he lays right next to Patrick when Patrick is nursing), but for the time being he's keeping his distance.

Among the words in Patrick's rapidly growing vocabulary are the words "Kitty, kitty, kitty."  Apparently the very short amount of time he spent with KittyFish made quite the impression and he's been calling him to come downstairs, despite the fact that he was absolutely terrified when KittyFish tried to cuddle with him the first night he was here.

Last night I woke up to find that I'd fallen asleep while Patrick was still in the big bed, which hardly ever happens since he's so wiggly, and he'd scooted over to find the cat and sleep next to him.

Sorry.  This is just the first of way too many kitty selfies that were snapped yesterday.

But wqrk... work can be a challenge.  Because I always have help:

And on days like yesterday the kids are like...
Yesterday was a day to be survived.

It looked like this... Therapy with me and Maggie.  Therapy for Mae with Maggie's therapist (running interference to keep Patch out of the way since the baby gate is broken and all he wants to do is be in the middle of therapy all. the. time.).  A phone call with a dietitian discussing supplements and Maggie's diet.  A meeting with one of Mae's therapists to discuss therapy going forward, what we're looking for and who's going to be working with her from now on.  Then it was on to a meeting with our couch from MSU (I finished the school work part of the program yesterday morning!) where we came up with new goals for Mae.  After that we had about an hour until it was time to get dinner ready, then it was dinner, bedtime, cleaning the house, calling to cancel the last meeting of the day (at least for me) because my head was killing me, although after that it was still  time to get to work because I have orders that need to go out today... with a migraine and morning sickness.

The migraine is gone today.  And the pace is going to be much, much slower (my schedule looks like: therapy, school with Sadie, clipping coupons, errands, dinner).  Here's hoping yesterday's morning sickness was more migraine and less a glimpse of what week 7 is going to be like.

Why is it that the low battery fire alarm beep always starts in the middle of the night in one of the rooms with a soundly sleeping child?

I don't think it's ever, in the entire history of being me being mom, happened during the day, at a reasonable hour, when changing the battery wouldn't involve waking every single person in the house up (and inevitably it always happens when Paul's not here!).

I'm happy to report that, after roughly two weeks of being missing, I found my camera stuffed under a couch cushion.  This makes me feel infinitely better after turning the house upside down looking for it because now, at the very least, I know that I am definitely not the one who put it there.  My money is on the not quite 16 month old.

I have yet to stumble upon a half eaten mouse in our house, but I do hear a great deal of chasing and sliding into things going on downstairs at night and when I've peaked down there I've seen some serious stalking going on.

And after seeing two mice a day on average for quite a while, I haven't seen a single mouse since KatFish arrived, so whether or not he's caught any mice, he is definitely doing his job by keeping them from strolling comfortably around the house out in the open!

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  1. The smoke detector in the middle of the night thing? I don't know what it is, but there's obviously some cosmic "rule" that we know nothing of, because THAT IS SO TRUE. And what are the chances of that?! It seems so unlikely. But yet it happens every.single.time.


  2. Awww, KittyFish seems like a lovely cat! Re #3, my late-but-still-beloved Cascapedia used to do exactly that while I would sit at a table and study, except that she would actually jump from the floor to the back of the chair, and then sit across my shoulders, which was lovely in my not-very-heated grad school apartment. :D

    As for smoke detectors, ours would do a similar thing, especially the one on the main floor of the house. Did I mention that I'm too short to reach that smoke detector even WITH a chair, and that The Accountant was inevitably at work when it would start to chirp? We have ADT now, though, and have only their smoke detectors, one benefit of which is that when the battery starts to get low (but before it's low enough to beep), it sends a signal to ADT to tell them to send a tech out to replace the battery. Awesome, no? :D


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