Monday, February 17, 2014

Sadie and the Baby

Lobbying heaven
for another sister?
As you can probably guess, Sadie is obsessing over her teeny tiny growing sibling.  Her conversations at the moment pretty much revolve around whether or not the baby is going to be a boy or a girl (she's definitely on team girl, although occasionally in moments of sympathy for Patch she'll say that she guesses he can have a baby brother first, words which are usually accompanied by a dramatic sigh).

A couple of days ago as we were getting ready in the morning she announced:  "Mommy, I think Daddy should have a talk with God and tell him the baby needs to be a girl.  God listens to Daddy." in a matter of fact way, while I explained that God had already sent us a boy or a girl, we just have to wait to find out which one our baby is.

She's been busy worrying about the baby being too squished in my tummy, despite my insistence that he or she is roughly the size of an apple seed at the moment and saying things like "well, when the babies legs get too crunchy, he'll say 'I'm outta here!'"

If you're wondering about the "crunchy" legs thing it's because when Patrick was born with his typically baby bent knees Sadie thought it was very, very strange and apparently it made quite the impression.  She worried that he must have been much, much too crowded since he had such bendy knees for such a long time and she's already worrying about the amount of space that her future sibling as (which I would say is ample after all the stretching my muscles have done... after all Patrick had enough room to turn transverse in the hospital at 39 1/2 weeks and just under 9 lbs after they did a sonogram confirming that he was head down when I showed up in labor).

She also said:  "Be careful baby!  You better stay warm in Mommy's tummy!" in her bossy big sister voice as we walked out the door for Mass yesterday... it may be a long pregnancy with all of her worries about the baby's comfort!

And now she's drawing picture after picture of an imagined baby sister in a princess dress...

Yes, she's definitely on Team Girl this time around.

Patrick, Maggie, Sadie and Sadie's imagined Princess Little Sister who's
clumsy and is knocking her brother and sisters over.


  1. This is so precious - and I must say, Sadie is quite a talented artist! God bless your family in the coming months of this (excruciatingly slow for poor Sadie) journey to welcome your newest loved one!

  2. I must have missed the pregnancy announcement, so congratulations! How fun!


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