Monday, February 3, 2014

Sadie's Stories

After watching me work on my blog since she was tiny Sadie decided that she needed one of her own.  And after starting several notebooks where she would tell me her stories and I would write them down, we decided to continue with that and write her stories and post her accompanying drawings on her very own blog.  It's what she's the most excited about when we start school each morning and what she wanted to work on all weekend, although with the rush of getting everything done, we didn't get around to posting anything!

She comes up with all the stories herself and I type them word by word and then she colors pictures that go along with the story.  She also picked out the blog colors and is really interested in decorating it.

So I had to share her link here, for anyone who wants to stop by.  I love hearing what she comes up with each day, and I thought a few of you might too!

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