Thursday, February 20, 2014

Two Little Ballerinas (and their shoes!)

We've had a tough couple of days.  Mae is having tummy troubles at the moment, and is feeling pretty crummy, which leads to things like three hour tantrums that can make a day feel much, much longer than twenty four hours.  But a box arrived today and it was a little bright spot that had her up and beaming with joy for about an hour before she started to feel badly again.  It started when I handed her this box:

And suddenly she was glowing and laughing and staring at her feet:

She has wanted ballet slippers for so long.  She has put a good deal of energy into trying to steal her sister's shoes.  And so when I saw a special sale online for ballet slippers I took advantage, knowing that she would be thrilled when they finally got here.  And she was.  Her little face lit up when she saw them slide onto her feet!


Then they started to dance.  And do you see that picture above these words.  I asked her to do that and she did it!  Which, around here, is huge!

She even held still and smiled and let me take her picture instead of just sprinting past at 100 miles per hour.

Patrick did wonder where his slippers were... but then he started dancing with his sisters and forgot about being upset.

There was running, twirling, dancing and laughing...

Now to get these guys dinner.  Here's hoping we've survived our tears for the day and that the hours up until bedtime will be better.  


  1. I just love how it's the simple things that make kids so happy!

    I hope her tummy troubles disappear soon!

  2. Way to go, baby ballerinas! So adorable.



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