Friday, February 21, 2014

The Stroller

It's here and I'm a little bit in love.  

Okay I'm in love with the idea of how much freedom this stroller is going to give me and the kids just as soon as its not 0 degrees and there aren't 50 mph winds being predicted on a daily basis.

I don't think I'd be this excited to get a new car.

The stroller is here.

And I've been pushing it around and it's every bit as wonderful as I thought it would be:

Here it is with its sun shade down.

And here it is with the flaps folded up... oh and the basket off of it because
a certain three year old kept trying to ride in the basket.

Another picture.  The basket usually fits between the back wheels.
So far the reviews that I found seem to be pretty accurate.  It is easy to push and to turn.  To give you an idea of how easy it is to push Maggie was pushing Sadie around the house in it for quite a while this evening.

When Paul brought it into the living room the kids all clamored to get in it and then proceeded to sit in it until we left to go run a few errands (and there were tears over leaving it).

When we got home from our weekly shopping trip they got back into it again and Patrick spent a good portion of the afternoon insisting on being put in his seat (I kept trying to take him out of it and he kept crying and trying to climb the wheel until I would lift him back up).

In case you're wondering, that is a maternity shirt, because I generally break my maternity clothes out about five minutes after I find out I'm pregnant (slight exaggeration).  I'm always amazed when people say things like "I'm 20 weeks and I'll be breaking out my maternity clothes soon!" because 20 weeks is around the time when people say things to me like "You're about to pop, aren't you?"  

I feel like I start to look pregnant about ten seconds after the pregnancy test shows two lines (I think I'll blame five pregnancies in a little over six years). In the first trimester I may not gain a pound but my stomach muscles seem to give up the fight these days almost instantly and while I can fit in my non-maternity clothes, I'd just as soon make the trade since they're more flattering early on.  It doesn't hurt that I like my maternity wardrobe quite a bit.

One of my favorite things about the stroller is that Sadie actually fits in the seats and her legs aren't cramped.  She's almost four feet tall, so that's pretty good.

And here they all are with the canopy down.  I can hardly wait for the weather to be nice enough to take them all on a walk!

Now I am so, so, so very ready for spring.  It doesn't even need to be that warm.  Maybe just warm enough not to be slipping and sliding in ice and slush (okay, no slush might be asking for too much). 


  1. It's awesome! I am really impressed.

  2. Ok, maybe I missed a post when you have the specs on this one, but I'd love to have them! Where did you find it/how much did it cost? Baby number 4 is due in July, and we live in a part if town where I would need/totally use a three seater like that just to get out of the neighborhood and onto the walking trails.

    Time to adjust the budget...again..:-). TB

  3. That is a cool stroller! SInce you are going to have 4 though, I would consider getting a scooter for Sadie. John is about the same age as Sadie and whie he will get tired walking a few miles (although he can do it) he can easily scooter a few miles without getting tired and complaining. You have to be able to trust the kid to listen and not get too far ahead and not scooter into the street, but if she is trustworthy, a scooter is the best thing. And, it folds up nice and compactly so you could put it in the basket or even rest it on top of the sun canopy if you go into a store or museum or someplace where she can't ride the scooter.

  4. Hi TB,

    It's called a Runabout stroller and we really lucked into this one, because we found it at a second hand store and Paul went in and negotiated with them to get it down even lower. Usually they're around $1200 (and with a canopy this one would be $1350) so second hand (and less than half off plus some!) is definitely the way to go. Part of the deal in getting it too was that as soon as it's a little nicer I'm going to list the Double Bob we got on Craigslist in Naples online here and since those usually sell for a good price I'm hoping to put that towards what we paid too!

    The reviews I found when I googled Runabout reviews say that they last for decades though (they're made by two designers who used to work at GM), so I'm hoping this is our last stroller purchase!

  5. Hi Amelia,

    Oh I hope she's trustworthy enough to do that soon. As we've been going through the process with Maggie we've found Sadie has some sensory issues (sensory seeking) too that are being evaluated and while I'd trust her with something like that some of the time (okay, in an enclosed space, so maybe not at all) when she gets excited it's like she doesn't hear anything at all, and so I really, really have to keep her close (even walking) when we're out and about. I'm thinking what I'm going to have to do (once the baby is out of a carrier) is switch back and forth between Sadie walking and the baby riding and the baby being in the carrier when Sadie needs a break. Although by the time the baby's riding it in she'll probably be 6 1/2 so maybe she will be ready for something like that by then (I hope!).

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