Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sadie's Saturday Morning Nun Talk: Sadie on Angels

I just had to share the banner I made for her last night!

You may have already read this yesterday on Sadie's blog but I just had to share it today.  I love it when she retells stories like this one:

Once upon a time God created the angels.  God made many, many angels.  They said we will do everything you want, Lord God Almighty.

But what was Lucifer doing?  What was he saying?

There was Lucifer the bright and shining one.  He said I'm too bright and shiny to bow down before anyone. I'm just as good as God is.  So he said no.  And I will not serve, he said.

And that started a war and Saint Michael said "You think you're as good as God?  Well you're all wrong!  Who is like God?  No one!"

Michael and the good angels cast the bad angels out of heaven into hell . Everyone in heaven is happy with God in their home.  They've passed the test and can see God, the blessed Trinity.

The End.


  1. Cam, how do you make your blog banners? :)

  2. Hi Lynn, I use a site called Pixlr Express that's free for editing photos (if you google it it should come right up). I take one background picture and crop it so it's wide but not very tall (and you can see the size to match the width with your blog, I think I made mine around 1250) and then add other pictures and a border and text (and there's tons of other options too).


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