Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Sick Day

We had a tough day today.  Sadie has been a little fussy lately and has been tugging on her ears, but she has been otherwise so cheerful that I hadn't thought much about it.  She's had ear infections before, but the doctor said that the kind of ear infections she has do go away on their own and that we should wait to call, as long as she doesn't seem to be in pain.  

Today we were driving to Redding and Sadie got sick in the car (it involved the bananas she had just eaten for breakfast and it really wasn't pretty).  I realized that the extra outfit that I usually keep in my bag had apparently been left in the house and Sadie's outfit was definitely ruined.  Luckily I had worn a tank top under my shirt and I put my tee shirt on Sadie and headed to Target.

My mistake was in only buying one new outfit at Target.  We got back in the car and Sadie started to fuss.  I let Sadie have a small sip of water our of her cup.  With a minute she was sick again, all over her new outfit.  The second outfit was not salvageable.  

I called the doctor's office and they said they could see Sadie at 12:15.  I'm not sure I would have called if Redding hadn't already had a case of the swine flu and I really didn't think that was what it was, but since Sadie is little and can't really tell us how sick she's feeling, I thought it was better to be safe then sorry.  

Sadie waited outside with Grumpa and Nani while I ran back into Target and bought two more four dollar shirts (I wasn't taking any chances) and then we headed over to the doctor's office.  

Once we got to the doctor's office Sadie was magically transformed into a giggly, happy baby.  They weighed her and she weighed in at 19 lbs 7 oz, however the weight probably isn't all that accurate, because she wouldn't hold still, so the weight kept swinging between 20 and 18 lbs.  After that it was time for her temperature, which was 99.3 degrees in her ear.  Her ears were pink and her throat was red, but after a strep test he ruled it a viral infection and said that we should wait this time on the antibiotics.  

The strep test was not fun.  I had to hold Sadie's head so that she couldn't turn it and she was a little angry with me when it was over.  She put her hand out to go to Nani and after Nani took her she turned and reached for the doctor (who she had allowed to carry her through the office earlier).  Our doctor picked her up (she was still screaming) and she gave him a hug before reaching to go back to Nani and then back to me.  She had had to let everyone know that she was not happy about the tests.

She's had baby tylenol and is now feeling better.  Hopefully this won't be a long night.

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