Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sadie's Walk Through Town

I am a cat person and because I like cats Sadie is very used to being around cats (of course that doesn't mean that she doesn't chase them every chance that she gets).  So we were both a bit shocked today when Sadie and I were walking downtown, waiting for Daddy to get his hair cut, and a woman with a pit bull began walking towards us.  I had crossed over the sidewalk so that we were as far away as we could possibly be without going into the freeway, but she stopped and changed direction so that she and the dog walked right up to the side of the stroller.  Unfortunately our Bob stroller doesn't fit in the Prius (it would have offered a little more protection), so we had the little, collapsable Jeep stroller, and I was suddenly very nervous.  "Oh, don't worry," she said, "my dog loves babies."  By then her big pit bull was nose to nose with Sadie, sniffing her face.  I was so relieved when she pulled her dog back and we were able to walk away.  Her pit bull seemed perfectly nice, but I don't want any dog I don't know sticking it's head next to Sadie's (particularly a dog who looks like it's main job is guarding a pot garden).

Other then that brief incident we had a wonderful walk on a beautiful day.  Paul went to get his hair cut at the barber and we walked towards our next  stop, which was the bank.  Main Street in our town is the freeway, and today was a busy day, so a car went by every few seconds.  Sadie was very animated.  She began by pointing at each and every passing car.  She was unfazed by the giant logging trucks that went barreling by.  Then she saw it.  

If I had only been watching her expression I would have thought that a beautiful unicorn was prancing through a meadow of brilliantly colored wild flowers.  She also probably would have had the same expression if she saw a twenty foot tall glass of milk.  Instead when I followed her gaze I saw a Harley Davidson being driven by a man in black leather.  Sadie pointed, just like she had with the other trucks and cars, but instead of waving she put both her hands in the air and acted like she wanted to be picked up.  We kept walking.  After that she continued to wave at the other cars, but she would make the same "up" motion with her hands every time she saw a motorcycle or a large truck (not a sixteen wheeler, they only got waved at).  

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