Monday, May 18, 2009

Sadie's Eight Words

Sadie isn't a big talker yet (with a few exceptions).  I can count on her to say "mama mama mama" when she wants something.  Her are a list of her words to date.

1. "Hi"- Sadie started to say this early and when she was only a few months old she said it a few times a week and was very amused by the shocked expressions that always appeared on the faces of everyone who heard.

2. "No"- I am glad that we have Sadie's first "no" on camera.  And it was on Christmas morning.  

3. "Mama" or "Mom"- Sadie says this frequently.  Usually with a whiny tone when she wants something.

4. "Dada"- Sadie doesn't have to say this one as often because usually she just has to look at Daddy and she gets whatever she wants.  She already has him wrapped around her little baby finger.

5. "Nana"- She went through a phase when she refused to say Mama and whenever I tried to get her to say it she would look at me, smile and then say "nana nana nana."  

6. "Umpa"- This is a tough word.  Sadie said it the other day after I said "look it's Grumpa!"  

7. "Home"- I was shocked when we were on a walk a few days ago and Nani said "we're going home" and Sadie, who was riding along in her little stroller said "home!"

8. "Be-bo"- Sadie said this several months ago (only once).  We were reading a book about belly buttons and there was a baby hippo that says "be-bo" when he sees his belly button.  And she repeated "be bo" after I said it.

She's growing so fast!  She's going to be chattering away before we know it.

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