Friday, May 8, 2009

"Hot, Hot, Please Don't Touch"

Sadie is in time out right now.  Her and Daddy are having a talk about not touching the hearth.  We don't touch the hearth because the stove is built into it.  And the stove can be hot!  We've been trying to explain the concept of "hot."  The other day Nani was boiling sugar and water for the humming bird feeder and Sadie and I came in for a visit.  Nani explained that the stove is hot and that we don't touch it.  Sadie looked at the stove, looked at Nani, who said "hot" again and then reached out with both arms open, as if she wanted to hug the boiling water.  This was impossible because I was holding her, but it's clear that she hasn't quite grasped the concept of "hot."  

Sadie is now out of time out and has decided to sit next to the hearth.  Her back is about one inch away from touching it.  She was thinking about touching it but Paul looked at her and said "Sadie" and then "three" and before he got to two she had scooted a little bit further away.  Apparently right now she is making better choices.  

She's getting very good at balancing on her feet.  She still hasn't decided to give walking a second try, but she seems to be thinking about it more and more and is now an expert at cruising, particularly when it involves going after a cat.  If she stands on her tippy toes and gets as close to the couch as she can with her body she can get any cat, even if it's glued it's body against the back of the couch in an attempt to escape her little pinching fingers.  

And now she's moved across the room and is trying to pull out her diapers, which reminds me of one last story.  The other day Sadie was playing on the floor and decided that she needed a new diaper.  She crawled over to the spot where her diapers are hidden (she likes to play with them so we hide them, but this was the only time, since we've started hiding them, that she went after them.  Right now, for some reason, they are not hidden.) and tried to get one out.  I got the idea and she did in fact need a new diaper.  That's pretty good for ten and a half months!  She definitely lets everyone know what she's thinking!

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