Monday, May 4, 2009

Too Many Duckies

Sadie ended up with a new wardrobe today.  We didn't plan on doing any major shopping, but we stopped by Kohl's and they were having a huge sale.  Most of the baby clothes were 80% off!  That means that most of the cute little toddler dresses were between $3.50 and $6.00.  We may have gone a bit overboard, but when you see a dress for $4 it's hard to pass it up!

Sadie also had a hard time in the toy aisle of Target.  Her current favorite toy is a turquoise sea horse that lights up and plays classical music for five minutes when you squeeze it.  Lately it's really helped her go to sleep at night.  She loves to put it right next to her face when the lights are out.  

When Nani and Sadie went down the toy aisle they stopped and looked at the sea horse dolls (Sadie's sea horse is named Ducky, after the real sea horse that Paul and I had when we started dated).  Sadie thought that it was hilarious to see an entire row full of Duckies... until it was time to leave.  Then it wasn't quite so funny anymore.  Sadie didn't understand why all of the Duckies were staying in the store.  In fact, she was pretty sure that her Ducky was staying in Target.  Luckily, the real Ducky was in the car and when we got there Sadie figured out that he wasn't lost after all.  And now it's time to go down to the cabin with Mommy and Ducky for the night.

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