Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mushrooms and Binkies

Strange things have been going on right outside our back door.  I didn't write about them at first because it was just too strange (and a little bit scary), but now that the airplane is no longer circling over our house and a number of arrests have been made, it feels much safer here.  First of all, for those of you who haven't seen the area we live in, it is very rural.  We drive an hour and a half to do most of our shopping.  Our town's official population is posted as 160 people.  

The good thing about living in such a small town is that you notice when a large group of people moves into the area and acts suspiciously.  In this case a large group showed up and started wandering around the hills around our home.  It was more then a little odd.  

Today, five days since all this started, we finally found out what was going on.  ABC news reported 25 arrests in our little town.  They said that a large group of illegal immigrants had moved into the area and were looking for mushrooms.  I guess they didn't realize that people are very protective of their land in the area and very serious when they post Private Property and No Trespassing signs.  

Now back to Sadie.  

She is still a little fussy, but she was also pretty funny today.  We were sitting on the couch this afternoon and she was refusing to take her afternoon nap.  I started telling her that she really needed to go to sleep and she got an irritated look on her little face, pulled out her binkie and shoved it into my mouth.  I wasn't sure that it wasn't a coincidence or if she was really trying to keep me from talking.  A few minutes later she had reclaimed her binkie.  I started talking to her again, softly, trying to coax her into falling asleep.  For a second time she twisted around and shoved the binkie into my mouth.  She was definitely trying to get me to stop talking!

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