Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sadie's Sunday

This picture was taken yesterday when we were playing outside on the porch.  I tried to give Sadie a kiss and was attacked.  Sadie's kisses are rather passionate these days.  However they have conditions.  

Sadie refuses to give Grumpa and Daddy kisses if they haven't shaved recently (very recently, actually).  If they shaved that morning they might get a kiss before bedtime, but she also may decide that the five o'clock shadow is just a bit too much.  

We finished Sadie's playroom today.  It took three days of hard work, but there is now one room that, so far, appears to be entirely baby proof.  It only took our cat, Delilah, about two minutes to realized that if she sat directly behind me on the bed Sadie couldn't reach her.  After we finished the room we brought Sadie's toys up from the living room and neatly arranged them in the "play area."  Sadie went into destruction mode and flung her toys around.  It now looks like a "real" play room.  

Sadie also managed to slow down the entire congregation when we were exiting Church this morning.  Our priest stopped to say goodbye to Sadie and she grabbed onto his hand and then refused to let go (I never realized how strong her grip could be).  Sadie and I had been standing in the back after a crying episode (she still isn't feeling great) so we were pretty much blocking the doorway.  When Paul got there she let go of Father Lito's hand and latched on to Paul.  She's awfully silly sometimes.  

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  1. Sadie knows a lady should ALWAYS be discriminating about who gets her kisses. :)


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