Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another Day with Sadie!

We had a date day today and Sadie spent four entire hours away from Mommy and Daddy, which is a new record.  We went to see a movie and then went out for an early dinner (although I did call to check up on Sadie halfway through the date and I talked to her on the speaker phone before we went to dinner).  

Sadie is very close to walking.  She stands on her own now and when she cruises around the room holding on to things she barely holds on to the furniture with her finger tips.  I have to keep myself from grabbing her when she lets go of the furniture, because it's the immediate response as she wobbles to and fro on her little feet, but she can stand on her own.  

I forgot one of Sadie's new favorite foods when I made my little food list the other day.  We were having hamburgers a few nights ago and I let Sadie suck on the end of a dill pickle.  I expected her to make a sour face at the strong flavor.  Instead she began to suck on it happily and opened her mouth for more.  She has very interesting favorites!

The forecast for today put the estimated temperature at 103 degrees in Redding.  It was in the high nineties here.  I'm not quite ready for that sort of heat yet.  

Sadie and Daddy are currently having a conversation about "making good choices."  It involves the hearth (as it always seems to).  Sadie had a time out on Daddy's lap for a choice that wasn't that good and grinned the entire time.  She seems to think time outs are absolutely hilarious!


  1. What a cute picture! i found your blog through Lerin's, and I have one are you so stinkin' skinny after baby??? :)

  2. thank you! i think the biggest weight thing I've found is fiber bars. i never thought it was a big thing, but as soon as i stop eating them (i love fiber one bars in the carmel flavor) i stop losing weight. so now i'm a big fan of fiber! and chasing Sadie around.


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