Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Stop Chasing that Cat!!!

Sadie has a problem with chasing our cats.  If you take all the cats that are owned by my Paul and I, my parents and my grandparents, you have five cats and four of them are in constant Sadie Danger.  She can't walk yet, but she still takes off after them, her tiny arms straining to keep up as she tears around the house.  

Today Sammie, a good natured orange and black cat, was lounging on the couch.  Sadie approaches, screaming and tried to grab Sammie's tail.  Sammie got up and walked to the other end of the couch.  Apparently she hadn't seen Sadie's new and improved cruising skills.  Sadie was three couch cushions away.  She inched her way down the first cushion.  What happened next was very cute.

Sadie crouched down and laid her arm across the couch while watching Sammie.  Then she pressed her face into her arm so that her eyes were hidden and she slowly began to inch down the couch, teetering on her little feet.  Every few steps she would lift her head, just barely, to stare at the cat and make sure that she was still there.  

Sammie humored Sadie by laying still until Sadie reached her.  Sadie grabbed the bottom of her feet.  Sammie sighed.  Sadie screamed at the top of her lungs (a sure sign of happiness... it would probably be more accurately described as a giggle/shriek).  Sammie jumped up and launched herself across the room.  Sadie followed her.  

A minute later I found myself pulling Sadie off of Sammie, who had been under the mistaken impression that ten feet would be a good distance to go to get away from the baby.  The cats haven't quite realized how mobile (and quick) she is.

We also had another step today!  Sadie was standing next to Grumpa, who was sitting in a chair.  I was sitting on the couch and Sadie let go of Grumpa's leg, stood with her little arms out balancing, and then took a step before grabbing on to my leg.  She's taken three whole steps on her own now!

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