Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Terrible Twos

Maybe Sadie was still tired from the long day we had yesterday in Redding.  Or maybe she has entered into her terrible twos fourteen months early.  Either way the nicest word I can think of to describe her mood today would be "strong willed."  

So far it's kind of funny to watch.  The first dramatic example of a tantrum came when we were sitting out on the porch, enjoying the beautiful day.  We don't have very long left to enjoy the beautiful mid-day weather.  This weekend the forecast is back up into the three digits.  I guess these few short weeks make up spring for 2009.  

Anyways, while we were sitting on the porch Nani brought out three cups of apple juice.  There were two grown up cups and one sippy cup.  Sadie wasn't interested in the sippy cup.  In fact, the suggestion that she should drink out of the sippy cup, which she usually loves, was met with outrage.  She wanted to drink out of Nani's cup.  Nani let her have a sip, but she didn't just want a sip, she wanted to play in the cup with her hands.  

Then she saw my cup.  She scooted over and started to play nicely next to me.  When I had relaxed a bit and wasn't paying attention she attacked, nearly yanking the cup out of my hand.  I managed to keep it from spilling but she was insistent.  She wanted a cup and it had to be my cup.  I tried a few more times to give her her sippy cup.  Each time she made a big show of smashing the cup into the ground.  Finally I put her cup on the little wicker table, keeping my cup carefully out of reach.  

That's when the tantrum started.  I picked her cup back up and handed it to her.  It went flying across the porch.  Then she threw herself onto ground.  The tantrum had begun.  She screamed.  She kicked her little feet and pounded her little fists against the carpet.  I watched her little face.  The expression was clear.  Outrage.  She was trying to muster a tear, but was apparently too angry to cry.  I picked her up.  The tantrum continued.  I gave her a kiss.  More screaming, along with frequent glances at my cup, which I had tried to hide.  I finally set her back down, where the kicking and yelling continued for about a minute.  

Minutes later she had forgotten about the cup.  She wanted the phone.  

It was a long day.  But at least she took two naps!

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