Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pointing and Pouting

Sadie has a way of letting us know what she wants.  She's become an expert at pointing.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are when her pointing goes into overdrive, as she lets me know that she absolutely and without exception needs a sip of water between every single bite of food.  If I'm not fast enough the pointing is accompanied by little "uh-uh-uh-uh" sounds.  

Sadie doesn't like drinking water quite as much as she likes sucking it into her mouth through a straw.  We bought two covered cups with silicone straws at Target in the summer section and she fell in love with them right away.  One looks like a monkey head and the other one is a magenta octopus.  She loves them.  She'll sit and drink for about thirty seconds before she's had enough, but having enough doesn't mean that she wants to stop sucking on the fun, squishy straw.  So she keeps sucking, opening her mouth in between gulps to spit the water out.  The first time it happened I thought it was an accident.  After the fiftieth time it began to dawn on me that the water spitting might be intentional.  

If pointing for water doesn't work she pulls out her pouty face.  The pouty face is actually very close to a kissing face, with her little lips puckered, but if you try to kiss her when she's pouting she's quick to open her mouth and stick out her tongue (although that's not an entirely fair representation of Sadie's kisses.  She is getting much better at giving kisses).  

A month from today we leave and drive to Sacramento before hopping on a plane to Boston!  We can hardly wait!

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