Sunday, May 31, 2009

A New Pool: Sadie's Swimming on the Deck

This picture reminds me of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  This is Sadie's new floaty for summer.  We plan on doing lots of swimming and I thought this would help her get used to the water.  She was pretty comfortable in it and seemed to think it was like wearing additional protective padding when she was tearing around the house.  

Here's the pool.  It was on sale for three dollars at Paul's work and it seemed like the perfect plan to cool down with the hundred degree weather that we've had lately.

We started out by looking at the water.  Sadie, who was excited when we tried the icy cold pool out at a motel earlier this month, was far less excited about her little, rather warm pool, on the deck.

We try the water out.  Sadie lets everyone know exactly what she thought about her new play thing.  She whined loudly until we lifted her out.  Time for a new strategy.  

Sadie was much happier with her toys in the pool while she stayed on dry land.  While a number of horses started out in the water Sadie took the time to fling them across the deck (her favorite activity is throwing things).  

Sadie decided that reading is more fun than swimming.  At least until the swimming pool in town opens next week.  

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