Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sadie Can Stand!

When Sadie walked earlier this month she did it from the couch to the foot rest that Grumpa's feet were up on.  Until today she had never actually stood still without holding on to something.  While we were out playing on the porch, watching Sammy graze on the lawn, she did just that.  She crawled over and used my knees to stand up and then she let go and much to my surprise, she stood!

I picked out two pictures to go with todays Sadie story.  The first one shows Sadie playing with me at the Turtle Bay Play Area in the mall.  The other shows a baby, who is clearly not Sadie, sitting on my lap.  We don't know that baby (I believe her mom called her Ella when she asked her to leave), but Sadie learned a lot from her.  Here's what happened.

Sadie wasn't totally sure that she wanted to play when we got to the play area in the mall.  We were waiting to meet everyone for lunch (the lunch I wrote about yesterday) and we didn't have anything left to do in town, so we headed over to the mall, hopeful that the play area wouldn't be too crowded in the middle of the day on a weekday.  I wanted to pick up a few of the little purse sized anti-bacterial washes at Bath and Body Works, so I left Sadie with Daddy and headed across the mall.  They met me on my way back.  Sadie didn't want to play.  She had thought about going through a little tree trunk tunnel (which is really only about a foot and a half long), but when Paul went from one side to the other so that she could crawl to him, she got a little bit panicked.  

When we got back to the play area we still hasn't gotten a phone call to go to lunch, so we decided to give playing a second try.  Sadie stayed close to Daddy for a few minutes, while I sat a little ways away and tried to encourage her to crawl to me.  The floor in the play area is pretty bouncy and I knew that if Sadie tried it out she would realize that crawling around in there was really a lot of fun.  

Sadie slowly began to inch her way towards me.  Once she was in the middle of the floor the other little girls who were there playing seemed to realize that she was there.  They were barely older than babies themselves (the oldest was probably two), but it was pretty clear that Sadie was a much smaller baby and they were thrilled that she was there.  One little girl ran over and started pointing at Sadie.  Then she lifted up her arms for me to pick her up.  When I didn't pick her up she turned around and sat down on my lap.  Sadie was shocked by this development.  There was another baby sitting on Mommy's lap.  It was hard to believe.  The little girls mom came over and got her, but yesterday Sadie seemed determined to try out her new trick.  Every time I sat down on the floor with her she would scoot over to me and stand up and then very carefully sit down on my lap.  She's very pleased with the discovery.  She's a quick learner.  

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