Thursday, May 7, 2009

Vroom. Vroom. Vroom.

We went a little doll crazy when we found out that we were going to have a girl.  The house was littered with various baby dolls long before Sadie was born and there's a hope chest upstairs that is currently full of various princesses and bears, along with a variety of other animals that Sadie hasn't even seen yet.  Lately though, I'm less and less certain that Sadie is going to be a doll type of girl.  

It started when Sadie first started playing with toys.  Her interaction with her dolls looks more like something you would see on WWF wrestling.  She body slams them and tosses them from side to side.  All the while she makes spluttering and vrooming noises with her mouth.  It's hilarious to watch. 

Then the car and tractor sounds started.  She's seen Grumpa out working on the tractor a lot, which may be where the "vroom, vroom, put, put, putter, putter" sounds came from.  She makes them when she plays with her dolls and her animals.  And especially when she plays with her fischer price tractors.  

Today I got down on the floor and picked up her small red tractor.  She was playing with her green tractor, which was being driven by a little kid in a blue bunny costume, and was pulling a wagon behind it.  When she saw my red tractor she started maneuvering her green tractor towards it.  With some spectacular sound effects she vroom vroomed her tractor right into my tractor.  Then, to make the crash complete, she picked up her hay wagon with it's little pumpkin and started smashing it, over and over again, into my wagon.  The picture for today shows the aftermath of the crash.  

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