Friday, May 22, 2009

Spring Cleaning

We are knee deep in Spring Cleaning this week.  After eleven months of letting things pile up the cabin is clean and the bathroom we use in the house is clean and I am now working on "Sadie's Playroom."  I haven't even thought about working through the weeds that have taken over my garden.  I tried to convince myself that all the green looked pretty, but now that it's turning yellow and is knee high I don't think I can avoid the inevitable work that it's going to take to get things looking good in the yard.  First I will finish the play room though.  

The house is still not completely baby proof.  Each time we get to a point where we think it's finally baby proof, Sadie grows or becomes more coordinated and is able to reach new, exciting things.  My goal is to make the room upstairs truly baby proof, although the mirrored closet doors present a challenge.  It doesn't help that Sadie is obsessed with them.  And she continues to obsess over climbing the hearth.  Maybe we'll have to get a fence next year that goes around it so she can't reach the wood stove.  

Sadie is still a little under the weather, which means that she took two good naps today.  When she was awake she became obsessed with a bucket full of blocks.  I was sorting through socks, trying to figure out which ones didn't have mates and needed to be thrown out, and she alternated between moving her blocks between two buckets (one was clear and one was red.  She loved the clear one.) and taking the socks that I had set aside out of the box that they were in to fling them across the room.  Cleaning and organizing goes very slowly when Sadie is "helping."  She also found a pile of laminated flash cards and flung them around the room.  But by the time I gave up for the day things were neater then they were when we began, and that is something!  

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