Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Exploring the House

Sadie has jumped from Phase One Baby Exploring to Phase Two Baby Exploring.  Since she's learned to crawl she's scooted around the house on her hands and knees, checking out the living room before moving on to the kitchen.  After she felt fairly comfortable in the kitchen she started to spend time in the entryway by the bookshelf (she relishes the time she spends removing each and every book from the lower shelves).  Her latest conquests have included the dining room, the back porch/ laundry room and the den.  She usually goes into these rooms when she's hot on the heels (or tail) of one of the cats.  

In the last two days however, Sadie has stepped up her exploration (and demolition) activities.  Her little legs can hardly carry her from one room to another quickly enough.  She still starts her day by attack/cuddling Kitty, but then she rushes in to the kitchen to rip up any of the old magazines and catalogues that have been left on the "Sadie Shelf."  It's actually the best use I've ever found for junk mail.  Sadie loves deconstructing it.  

One of her favorite afternoon activities also takes place in the kitchen.  Sadie loves to sit in the kitchen when dinner's being made.  Her latest favorite activity involves crawling over to Nani and grabbing her foot.  Then she pulls Nani's foot to the side and squeezes between her legs.  She can crawl in circles around Nani's feet for minutes at a time and she thinks it's all hilariously funny.  

It's time for baby gates on the stairs!

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