Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Time Out with Daddy

Sadie seems to be enjoying her time outs.  The other day she approached the hearth despite the fact that it's against the rules (I know that all of you who read this blog even somewhat regularly are probably not shocked by this) and rested her hand on the top of the stones.  Paul was down on the floor playing with her and he looked very serious when he told her that she had three seconds to move her hand.  He counted very slowly... "three, two...o" when he started to say "one" she snatched her hand off the stones and started to laugh hysterically.  

Less then two minutes later she was back at it, one hand lightly resting on the hearth, her eyes watching Paul to see what he would do.  "Sadie Kathleen!  Don't touch the hearth.  You have three seconds... three, two, one."  Sadie waited a second too long and he had said "one."  That meant it was time for a time out.  Paul leaned forward to pick her up, informing her that she was going to have a time out for touching the hearth, and she started bouncing up and down in place, a huge grin on her face, with her hands up in the air for Paul to pick her up.  

She definitely doesn't seem to think of time outs as a punishment.  

And another story from yesterday...  When we were having lunch at Round Table Pizza I overheard a conversation.   A woman who looked to be in her eighties or early nineties was adamantly telling the two people that she was with that the baby a few tables over was a boy.  I started listening to the argument when I heard "well that's not necessarily true... it could just be a very big girl!"  

It was actually a very big girl.

They finally asked if she was a boy and a girl, but the elderly woman didn't appear to be convinced and when we left I think she was still pretty sure that our little girl (who was wearing an orange shirt with kind of puffy sleeves) was a boy.

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